Clairvoyant talks to Roman soldier

I Recently had a meeting with a lady who is a clairvoyant, at the end of our talk we got onto the subject of metal detecting

We and started talking about my finds and interesting experiences, she then asked if it would be possible to see some of my finds as Psychometry was her specialist subject.
I showed her some coins, then a set of Roman tweezers that I have had for over 10 years, she held them in her hand and went very quiet, after a short time she looked up with a satisfying smile and said I have just been having a fantastic conversation with a Roman soldier…in fact he is a Roman surgeon.

Roman tweezers belonged to Marcus

I was blown away and wanted to know more, she went on to say he was called Marcus and in his time was very respected in his field, his speciality was wound infections, he discovered that stuffing the open wounds with Garlic would drastically minimise infection, he had his own workshop where he made potions and remedies for the fallen Roman soldiers.

metal detecting find Roman tweezers
The clairvoyant said these tweezers had operated on many people, sometimes successful…sometimes not, he metioned that I found them very near to a wooden Roman hospital where Marcus often worked. They were lost along with some other items in a leather pouch, he said he was very pleased I found them, but would love me to find the other items because one in particular was very special to him.

I asked what it was and the clairvoyant said it was a brooch, a very special brooch

Marcus was awarded the brooch for exemplary conduct in the battlefield, I asked was it like this…showing her a fibula…no no she replied it’s round with writing around the edge and a gem in the middle, get me a pen and paper I will draw it for you, and she did, along with some other items lost in the leather pouch.

marcus picture
My final question to Marcus was….Do you have any objections to me finding your items ?
He replied, Gary I had a fantastic life, with a loving family I am so pleased you found my tools and remember the next time you are near to the find spot let your mind be guided I will be there, you need to find my brooch.

Wow…whether you believe in this or not you have to agree we could all do with our very own Marcus when out metal detecting.

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