Mirak Metal Detecting Boots

I am always in the market for good metal detecting products

Goot footwear is a very important part of my kit, most of the time I like to use lightweight metal detecting boots, they must be light – strong – water-resistant.
Over the years I have always used Brashers, my recent two pairs have fell apart within 6 months, I really don’t want to bad mouth the company but for me the Brasher relationship has ended.
I met up with a friend of mine who is the manager of Hildreth’s Stores in Prestwood, Buckinghamshire, 01494 862720,  he always gives me good honest advice about outdoor clothing….in exchange for good honest advice about metal detectors. You may see me wearing the Regatta Fleeces in my video’s, once again great advice from Martin, they have served me well.

hildreths prestwood
Hildreths Garden Centre Prestwood

Mirak Nebraska Boot information

The Subject got onto boots and the name Mirak Nebraska Boots came up into the conversation, he went on to say that the customer feedback so far was very good and priced at only £56.00 I decided to give them a try as I was no longer going to pay over £100 for another pair of metal detecting boots that fell apart after 6 months.

So what about the Mirak Nebraska Walking Boot

I am usually a size 8, but found the 7 fitted better, they are lightweight and feel really good, even better when you fit Scholl gel insoles, which I highly recommend.

Mirak Nebraska Boots

The in step is slightly raised and very solid I’m confident it will take spade pressure with ease, the tread is very chunky and looks like it is built to last.

Mirak Nebraska Boot tough tread

Time will tell I guess but for that price if I only get 6 months out of them it will be money well spent compared to my recent metal detecting boot purchases. So far all I can say is they are very comfortable and just “Feel right”

Mirak Nebraska Boot waterproof construction

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