DJI Osmo Pocket – Don’t buy it

Unless you have a phone that supports USB C or an Apple lightning adaptor.

What does this mean ?
Well basically any smart phone more than 18 months old , for example a Samsung S7 Edge or before is not compatible with this phone, that’s probably 30% of the blogger population.

DJI Osmo Pocket adaptors are not compatible with Micro USB YOU have been warned

If you read the blogs and watch the videos they all say the DJI Osmo Pocket can be used without a phone, that’s total bullshit as I have recently found out myself.

OK I hear you say just buy a Micro USB to USB type C adaptor – Sadly no can do, as the DJI Pocket has a unique custom made dongle that attaches the phone to the unit (Type C or Lightning), if you used a lead you would have the camera in one hand and the phone in the other.

Be warned if you buy a DJI Osmo Pocket make sure you read this review

Here’s my story

I got the DJI Pocket because it could be used without a phone as it has it’s own screen and controls, little did I know You can not even use DJI Pocket without initiating it via the Mimo App, which needs to be plugged into your phone. So if you have a Micro USB phone your stuffed.

DJI Osmo Pocket advert on Amazon is very mis-leading

I purchased this gimbal camera from Amazon where it clearly states a Micro USB adaptor is available, when I called DJI Help Line they confirmed there is no such adaptor.
How hard would it be to make a Micro USB adaptor, just like the other 2 supplied with the kit, how much would it cost…. A Dollar perhaps !

You can not use the DJI Osmo Pocket without using a compatible smart phone

DJI shame on you for not thinking about all customers, your Amazon advert is clearly incorrect with no mention of the lack of Micro USB support.
DJI said that I could always use the wireless module for an extra £53 but they are out of stock until further notice.

The Bloggers should be ashamed of themselves for not being honest about the pro’s and con’s of this product.
But after all they have been given a free product.
If you are experiencing problems drop DJI Support an e mail at :

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