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XP Deus Team USA | video podcast

We are pleased to announce the XP Deus Team USA metal detecting podcast is now live, the show will be online every month with new guests and a range of XP topics form technical advice to comedy. The Show is hosted by Mike Counter and…

Klaas John Botas a detectorist and artist

Gary interviews Klaas John Botas Many of you may have seen or personally know Klaas, he’s a dedicated detectorist and always follows his heart and soul, Klaas John has such a presence you cannot fail to enjoy his company. Although living in The Netherlands he…

Metal Detecting – Dinosaurs

Metal detecting has been a part of my life for over 22 years I have so many conversations with my friends reminiscing about the old days and how we made more finds with our old machines, some of it was very true…we did make some…

Metal detectorist finds 22,000 Roman coins

xp finds roman coins

Metal detectorist finds 22,000 Roman coins How would you feel if you found a large pot of Roman coins while out metal detecting, that’s exaxctly what Laurence found with his XP Deus while detecting in Devon. Laurence 51, made the discovery as he metal detected…

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