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SJCam SJ600 Legend the my experience

SJcam SJ600 legend, this is my experience and my personal opinion. Having watched excellent video reviews, I decided to buy an SJCAM sj6 Legend, on paper it looked perfect, but before I purchased I wanted to ask a few questions about it and will it…

XP Deus deep targets

XP Deus digging deep targets using 4Khz Lower frequencies are better for big targets right ? Yes and no……As many of you know the XP Deus has a choice of operating frequencies most people use 11Khz or 17Khz, this suits most of their metal detecting…

Garys Detecting review

Metal detecting web site review As relative newbies to detecting choosing our first metal detector has been a journey of up’s and down’s based on conficting information from so many web sites which Google throw up these days. Our savior and guardian angel was Gary’s…

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