Tesoro Amigo review

Some of you know I have a weakness for early Tesoro’s, especially the Silver Sabre’s and the Gold Sabres.
For many years I have been looking for a clean Tesoro Amigo to go into my dust gathering collection, then all of a sudden two became available, both in a sorry state and in need of repairs.
One Amigo had broken coil lugs and the other Amigo had an extra sensitivity control fitted and would not detect correctly.

Buying two old machines needing a lot of work was quite a gamble, I really wanted to pay good money for just one with an original box and documentation, but something told me it was worth a punt as I knew one of these machines was responsible for finding some nice Gold coins so it deserved bringing back to life.

Tesoro Amigo images

I called a good friend of mine who repairs all makes of metal detectors and a great knowledge on all things Tesoro and Laser, I said do you want a challenge and talked about the Amigo’s originally I wanted one good machine made from the pair.
By pure luck he also has a passion for these micro machines because they were probably the benchmark of today’s smaller compact models.
I remember talking to Vince, chief of Tesoro when he visited London a few years back, I asked him why they didn’t continue making the Amigo ? Vince went on to say back then the quality was so good on this cheap machine that they virtually lost money on every one, don’t forget all Tesoro’s have a lifetime warranty in the US.

Tesoro Amigo control boxes

To cut a long story short, I got my machines back from Pentechnic last week and they did a fantastic job, new coil lugs were fitted and the coil was refurbished, all the internals repaired and both machines calibrated, I am a happy guy. It’s a great honour to put these into my collection, and of coarse I will be using them from time to time.

Tesoro Amigo coil

I took them out for a quick spin today and old memories of the happy days flooded back, the audio sound is so sharp and sweet, the signal is so confident, iron rejection…what iron ! come on Tesoro we want to see you back in the game again.

For Tesoro repairs contact Pentechnic

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