Tesoro saves the day

I got up at 5:30 am and made the school yard by 6:30am. No rain last night, expected to find hard dry ground…Blue skies and the sun was out in full force. I Found several area’s that were dig-able where you wouldn’t need a pick axe to get down to the targets.
euro sabre

Today decided to use my PI first and see what this place has in it. Has been detected by numerous people who found some sporadic finds. I took the challenge of coming back in.
I dug a lot of trash hoping for some gold, after 3 hours decided I needed to stop and get a drink of water. After my drink, headed to the very far side of the school yard, about 300′ away.
Turned my PI on and got going, had to adjust the frequency a few times as well as my threshold.

Figured on some EMI over there that needed to be adjusted for. Target response was pretty fuzzy.
Did find a dime, before the PI started to act up a bit more. That made for a short hunt, haven’t charged the batteries for about 4 weeks. Trucked back over to my car and pulled out the Tesoro Euro Sabre
after putting the PI in the trunk.
mirage trash
Headed back to the same area again, armed with theTesoro Euro Sabre .
The Euro loves small foil that my PI will ignore and I had enough of digging tons of trash, getting very hot out….Cranked up the disc just a hair past foil, then hunted
using all metal mode and disc modes for target checking. Took me a bit to get used to using the Euro again after using my PI. Once I got into the groove and started to find some coins, all was good. So I spent 1 1/2 hours
euro sabre trash
repeatable and iffy targets. The iffy targets were mostly the Canadian clad dimes and some nickels. Yes some trash was dug as well.

Was at my limit with the sun and heat and decided to quit for the day.
By Sven (Gary’s Detecting Forum)

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