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Building a metal detecting web site – a quick guide

Looking through hundreds of metal detector dealers web sites is now a part of my job, some are good while others are still stuck in the 90’s.
Occasionally there is a web site that ticks every box and gives the wow factor,  the Maison De La Detection web site in France really impressed me, these guys have a good eye for design and know how to engage with the public it hits an easy score of 10 / 10.

Maison de la detection our top choiceIt’s no surprise that these are probably the biggest dealer in France, just look at the work they put into it and the attention to detail.

So what makes a good web site ?
Several things : For example if you are selling products you need to get all the important information up there without your site appearing cluttered, after all it is your shop window.
Above you can see how this is a perfect example, clean and precise.

Interacting with your public
Facebook and Twitter is a good social media platform but don’t rely on it solely as your empire, always put your web site first…Remember Facebook and Twitter can be removed in seconds…think about it.. you have no control over it. You can’t call Facebook to discuss problems, all you get is a generic Q&A, so it’s always good to remember this phrase – “Never build your empire on rented ground”.
It may also be worth noting you can spend a lot of time deleting Facebook comments and irrelevant posts, which is time that could be spent on your web site.

The guys at Maison De La Detection have got a good balance and a very active following.
This all takes time but in today’s world of social media it has to be done.

maison de la detection screen shot
Regular web site updates
Always keep the web site fresh with regular updates and special offers. Video’s are king, the public would much rather watch a video than strain their eyes looking at a large block of text, however the video’s must be good quality with interesting content and if possible no longer than 8 mins long.

Impressive pictures
It’s worth investing in a good camera and photo package, spend time watching video tutorials on how to use it’s features, learn about depth of field and special effects, these all make your pictures stand out from the rest. Don’t be tempted to upload super high quality images, Google does not like web sites that are slow to load, so try to find a sweet size for images.


So congratulations to Maison De La Detection, you get my top vote, sadly I can’t understand a word of French but I can see it’s a fantastic piece of work.

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