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We are pleased to announce the XP Deus Team USA metal detecting podcast is now live, the show will be online every month with new guests and a range of XP topics form technical advice to comedy.
The Show is hosted by Mike Counter and Dave DiNatale backed up by their strong team behind the scenes.

XP Deus Team USA banner
Show number 1 features a wide variety of topics and videos from some of the XP Deus Team USA members,
XP Soya talks about her finds and why she chose an XP Deus.

XP Sonya talks about metal detecting with the XP Deus
Carol also known as the She Detector talks about hunting on a Florida beach.

Using the XP Deus on a Florida beach
Hollywood comedian Todd Roy shows us how important research is and never to bring a non detecting friend along with you.

Todd Roy offers advice and metal detecting tips
Gary from XP talks about the history of the company and how they got started. He also interviews Darcy Fear who was on vacation from Canada to the UK and found an amazing civil war hoard.

Gary interviews Darcy who found ancient coins while metal detecting in the UK
Later in the show it’s back to the UK to catch up with Gary Cook and Steve Murtey as the live dig some interesting coins.

UK metal detectorists hunt for Roman treasure
Steve Graap, one of the shows producers talks about the best way to make detecting videos and gives some interesting tips.

Steve Graap talks about filming your metal detecting adventures

Enough said guys here is the show, and remember if you want to be a part of the XP Deus Team drop them a line via Facebook or e mail.
XP Deus Team USA Facebook link

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