Hunting the Romans with Paul and Gary

Imagine this frustrating situation, Paul had some fantastic land for metal detecting, he knew there were Roman coins and artecacts lying just beneath the surface but he knew his machine was not performing as well as it should, his XP Deus was very un-settled on this land and he could feel he was not getting the best out of it.

After weeks of frustration and watching the Metal Detector tuitional videos Paul asked for help on the Metal Detecting Skill School Facebook Community, he got a message back from Gary at XP and arranged for a visit to perhaps find out why his XP Deus wasn’t finding the Roman treasures, Paul understood metal detectors very well and regularly uses the Minelab Equinox on his pasture sites, but for some reason the XP gave a lot of false signals.
Could it be the high water table or even the fertilizer that has been used over the years.

After a short while and carrying out some simple tests, Gary had found the solution to Pauls problem.

He asked Paul what adjustments he had made in order to combat the false signals, Paul ran through the list and the one setting he missed out was the setting that was required.
After adjusting the SILENCER fro -1 to 3 the field came alive with targets, and indeed some really cool Roman coins.

Catch up with Gary and Paul in the field and see how their metal detecting adventure went.

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